Five things we ate at Disney World Florida – or not

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In a guide book I read before leaving home for the US, one sage observed that the quality of food at Disney World was beside the point; no-one goes there for good nosh.

It’s just as well.

Here are 5 things I ate or drank this week. Or did I?

The Bottomless Cup of Soda


Easier than having fizzy drink intravenously administered, the bottomless soda mug is the gift that keeps on giving if you like to guzzle fizzy drink from dawn till dusk. And since almost half of all Americans drink the stuff daily, these mugs are as ubiquitous as Mickey and Minnie at Disney World. For the price of a £10 plastic mug you get all the carbonated sugary drink you can pour into yourself during your stay at your Disney World hotel or resort. Note that the 500ml cups pictured are thimbles compared to the vats we saw on sale at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, which were literally the size of a child’s head. Did we buy? I’m ashamed to say we did – because you can also fill them with bottomless tea and coffee.

Giant turkey drumsticks


These gargantuan turkey drumsticks (rumoured, apocryphally, to be emu thighs) stopped me in my tracks when I first saw someone tucking into one. More akin to a T-Rex leg than a turkey limb and as long as a small child’s arm, I dread to think about the size of the bird this came from (or how it came to grow to such a size). First introduced at one Disney World park in the 90s, these Flintstone-size snacks were such a hit they were quickly introduced to the other parks and now more than 1.6 million are consumed at the resort every year. Did we buy? Not on your nelly. I’d rather eat a lab burger.

Funnel Cakes


Oh how the skinny woman in the queue behind us laughed when we blindly bought two of these monsters, mistakenly thinking they were the size of a doughnut. Ha! Try a 20cm circle of deep-fried doughnut batter sprinkled with icing sugar (thank god we said no to cream and chocolate sauce). Crisp, sweet and totally delicious – like a mis-shaped churros. Did we buy? Yes sir.



Poor and mediocre burgers are a dime-a-dozen at Disney World but the Heat Seeker Burger at the House of Blues was a fantastic exception. Angus beef patty topped with pulled pork, chipotle mayo and jalapeños, it was an excellent burger indeed. My daughter also loved her lobster mac and cheese. Can’t figure why this place doesn’t get a better wrap from reviewers. But just as well. There was no hour-long wait for a table (WITH a reservation) that’s the norm when eating Disney-style.

Caramel brownie sundae


Well, it was never going to be a week of quinoa and wheat juice, was it? This monster sundae consisted of a squidgy brownie topped with salted caramel sauce, ice cream, cream, Mickey-shaped sprinkles, caramel popcorn and a glacé cherry. We gluttonised on this at the ’50s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios, the best dining fun (although not the best food) in Disney. Each table is dressed like a 1950s kitchen complete with Formica and a vintage telly running classic ’50s shows.


Your server plays a kind of manic ‘mom’, ordering elbows off the table and tossing cutlery around. Ours made my husband order in a Scottish accent because he was late to the table. A hoot.